CFO Message


Welcome to Abatera Tourism!

Our mission is to make you happy and furthermore maximize your happiness.
Abatera Tourism is dedicated to providing a travel experience of unsurpassed authenticity and comfort. Our infrastructure of world-class hotels, integrated resorts, tourism attractions and the UAE’S Government’s desire to transform the city into a ‘Leisure Hub’ for the region, make for a great learning environment.

We do so by delivering insider access to all corners of U.A.E in peerless comfort and style, with unparalleled value and expertise.

Our expertise extends to every aspect of your journey: we’re experts in not only luxury but in culture, and history, and we know how to blend them all too seamlessly reveal your destination. Our guides are chosen for their absolute dedication to understanding those wonders that make every place unique.

Our team of travel specialists share a passion for creating the most inspiring experiences for every client. This requires a rare blend of professionalism and knowledge, patience and understanding, and most of all…creativity and caring.

All introduce you to your destination with an intimacy beyond the reach of any other travel company. When it comes to the UAE destination, we can be great assistance and the most reliable partner.

Contrast our approach with ordinary travel companies, who rely on third parties to create their programs and to support them on the ground, we take personal responsibility for every stage of your journey, sparing no effort to deliver the most inspiring travel experience to UAE possible.

Please do not hesitate to let us know where ever you  wish to travel around UAE  set up a business cooperation between us.

Let us go an extra mile for service  


Chief Financial Officer